DSCVR 0.6 Release Notes

DSCVR 0.6 Release Notes

Date: 2/12/19

Key features in this release

Microsoft Excel Load

  • Users can now load .xlsx files into DSCVR
  • Users can upload whole worksheets at a time or pick a range of cells in a worksheet to load
  • Excel files can be loaded from a user’s local computer or from S3/SFTP storage

Chart Formatting

  • New visualization type: Area chart
  • Users can format their charts by clicking the edit pencil icon
  • Users can edit over 30 parameters in their charts
  • Visualizations can now be rendered and downloaded as .png, .jpeg, and .pdf images

Code Editor

  • Users can directly write and edit 1010data macro code in DSCVR
  • A new triple-dot is introduced next to the run all button where users can enter a dedicated code editor
  • The code operation is available in the New Operation Panel for users to add in macro code

Metadata View

  • New view types are available from a menu in the top right of the grid
  • Users can view their worksheet’s metadata including current segmentation and column information in one place

User Account Hub

  • Users can view their account hub by clicking “account information” under their username in DSCVR
  • In account information, users can get information on their team and how much storage space is being used
  • Free trial users and team admins can purchase, edit, and cancel their DSCVR subscriptions from within the account hub


  • Various bug fixes
  • New date-time load ingest types are released
  • During file loads, the auto-specification tool better detects time formatted columns