DSCVR 0.7 Release Notes

DSCVR 0.7 Release Notes

Date: 4/15/19

Key features in this release:

Salesforce.com Imports

  • Users can now import tables Salesforce.com with DSCVR
  • Tables imported from Salesforce.com automatically sync every 6 hours
  • API rate options allow users to throttle syncs to the appropriate rate limit

Database Imports

  • Users can now load tables from the following databases: Amazon Redshift, Hive, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and Postgress
  • Users can load the tables as a one-off or optionally set tables to sync weekly or daily
  • The new Import Manager allows users to view and manage the status of recurring imports 


  • Users can invite others to collaborate in a DSCVR team
  • Invited users can switch teams if they are already a DSCVR user or sign up and join a team
  • The new Team Management feature is available in the User Account Hub


Additional Features

  • “Save workbook as” functionality is available in the File menu to save a workbook with a new name or into a new folder
  • Bar, line, scatter, and area charts can plot up to 50,000 points in a visualization
  • A new error message localization and translation service is in effect
  • Entire workbooks can be exported as .csv files or a .xlsx workbook
  • Progress bars and status snack bars are available for exports
  • Various product quality enhancements