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Teams and Collaboration

Modified on: Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 4:12 PM

Share data, calculations, and insights on the fly with your team. See how DSCVR lets you edit shared documents while tracking modified data as a team, eliminating the need for multiple local copies.



What do I need to create a team?
For a team to be created, you need a team owner, who is the person whose credit card is used to create the account. There can only be one team owner per team. You’ll also need team licenses for any additional team members.

Contact Support or your sales representative if you need more information on team creation.
How many teams can I belong to?
You can only belong to one team. If you want to change teams, contact your team owner.
What can a team owner do?
Team owners have access to a user management tool where they can invite members to their team, remove members, and buy more licenses. This tool is located under the user Account information menu, through the Manage Team button.

If you are a team owner and you need to transfer your status, please contact Support through the Support Portal.
I gave view access to my team for one of my workbooks, but they still can’t see this object. What should I do?
Upon updating an object’s permissions, you need to log out and log in again for the changes to be visible to your team.

If you did this and your objects are still not visible, confirm these users belong to your team. Once confirmed, contact Support through the Support Portal.
Can I share an object with someone outside of my DSCVR team?
If someone is not in your team, or if you’re not in their team, you cannot share objects.

To share your work outside a team, use the Export menu and share the document as an Excel file.
What are the different sharing states for an object?
An object can be:
  • Viewed and edited only by you.
  • Viewed by your whole team and edited only by you.
  • Viewed by your whole team, and edited by anyone in the team.
Can I share an object with only one person in DSCVR?
Selecting specific users to view and edit your objects is not currently available. To share your work with only one person, use the Export menu and share the document as an Excel file.
Why don’t I see all of my team members’ Personal Data folders?
If your team members don’t have any objects in view access, their folder isn’t visible to you.

Likewise, your folder is not visible to your team members until at least one of your objects is in view access.
What does "Worksheets referencing this object will break” mean?
This informs users of the impact on other team members when moving a referenced table. When you move a table to a different folder (or subfolder) or rename it, DSCVR checks to see if there are workbooks referencing this table. If so, these may break and all workbook owners will have to reattach the new table to fix their workbooks.

Keep this in mind when you are part of a team where tables are referenced by multiple users.

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