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Modified on: Mon, Aug 5, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Add rows to a worksheet to refresh existing tables with new data.




My two tables don’t append correctly. What should I do?
The most common reason why tables won’t append is due to different data types. Check the color icons in the Table Preview to make sure your data types match for each column. If they don’t, adjust your foreign table’s column data types. Go to File, select Save worksheet as a table, and edit the Type field.
What else could cause Append to not work?
If you’ve chosen Match columns by column names, use the Table Preview to check the names. If they don’t match, adjust your foreign table. Go to File, select Save worksheet as a table, and edit the Name field.

If you’ve chosen Match columns by column position, make sure both tables have exactly the same number of columns and adjust as needed.
Which objects can I append?
You can append a table to a worksheet, or two worksheets together.
What does “Drop duplicate rows” do?
This option lets you filter your data to remove duplicate rows. If your current table has June and July data, and your foreign table has July and August data, use “Drop duplicate rows” to append only August data to your current table.
Why doesn’t the Table Preview show all my table columns?
The Table Preview only shows matching columns. If columns are not visible, it means they are mismatched. To show mismatched columns, click Keep unmatched columns below the Column names option.
What does “Keep unmatched column” do?
This option allows you to bring in both columns that do and do not match. Unmatched columns show as Empty in the Table Preview and will display null values in the appended output.

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