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Expression Editor

Modified on: Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 4:33 PM

Build expressions to transform and analyze data as the Expression Editor tailors suggestions and displays syntax for functions and mathematical operators.



What is the Expression Editor?
This tool helps you build valid expressions to transform and analyze data using functions and mathematical operators. The Expression Editor is available on the New Column and Filter cards.
Do I need to know how to write code to use the Expression Editor?
No. As soon as you begin to write an expression, the Editor drops down a list of columns, variables, and functions suitable for the expression you are trying to build. As you create the expression, DSCVR continues to tailor suggestions and, for functions, displays the syntax.
DSCVR tells me I have an “incomplete expression”. What should I do?
Compare your expression with the suggestions DSCVR provides. Are the column names right? Are the semicolons and separators correctly placed? Is there a mismatched parentheses? Sometimes, you may want to delete the expression and build it again following the suggestions provided.
My expression includes text, and I keep getting an error. What should I do?
Verify that you are entering the text in the expression exactly as it appears in the table. For any text entered in an expression, you must match spelling, spaces, and upper and lower case. Text may also need to be enclosed in single quotes, for example, ‘CHEESE’.
What is the order of operations when I use mathematical operators in the Expression Editor?
The order of operations is similar to standard mathematical notation and most spreadsheet and computer languages. DSCVR evaluates expressions in parentheses first, then exponents, multiplication and division (from left to right), and addition and subtraction (from left to right).
Do I need to use parentheses when writing an expression?
As a best practice, use parentheses even when they are not necessary. It is possible to write fairly complex expressions without parentheses, but they improve readability. DSCVR suggests the use of parentheses as you build expressions.

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