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Modified on: Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 4:30 PM

Share data-driven insights throughout an organization and display a visual overview of large datasets with pie, line, bar, scatter, area, or combo charts to identify patterns and monitor results.




What is a combo chart compared to a bar or line chart?
Bar and line charts let you visualize various metrics within a single chart type.

A combo chart lets you create various series groups using a different chart type for each group.
Can I sort both the X and Y axis in Visualize?
You can only sort the X-Axis in Visualize. Use the AZ or ZA icons at the top left of the X-Axis box to sort in ascending or descending order. To keep it unsorted, select the greyed out icon. If you need to sort the Y-Axis, use the Analyze tab to sort your Y-Axis prior to visualizing.
How can I customize my chart?
To customize your chart, use the pencil icon located in the top right corner of the Visualize view. You can edit the chart’s title and font, hide or show the legend or series, customize your series and axis names and colors, edit gridlines, or change the minimum and maximum values.
Are charts drillable?
You cannot drill down to see a subset of data, as rollups are not currently available in DSCVR. However, you can zoom in on your chart to view more granular results, by clicking and dragging over the X-axis area you are interested in.

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