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Show only the data you need to reduce the amount of data to process and improve performance speed.



How does DSCVR decide when to include or exclude rows?
DSCVR examines the conditions you set and compares them against data in the table. If conditions match, it assigns a 1 to the row to include it in the results. If conditions don’t match, it assigns a 0 to the row to exclude it. DSCVR then displays every row assigned a 1 to show all rows which meet the conditions you set.
How is the OR term different from the AND term?
Both terms are used to set multiple conditions for a filter operation. With the OR term, only one condition must be true. With the AND term, all conditions must be true.
I am filtering a text column and no data displays. What should I do?
When filtering a text column, the value must match the text exactly, including upper and lower case. Check to make sure the text you entered in the Filter card matches exactly the text as it appears in the Data Grid column.

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