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Modified on: Wed, Jul 31, 2019 at 3:24 PM

Learn how DSCVR lets you connect to multiple data sources. Load fully granular data, and structure tables to analyze billions of rows of data at radical speed with optimal performance and quality.




When should I use my local device instead of another source?
We recommend transmitting files larger than one gigabyte through DSCVR SFTP or Amazon S3 for best performance and higher speed.
How can I set up DSCVR SFTP, Amazon S3, or another source's connection?
Connect the source using your credentials. For more information on how to set up each connection, refer to the resource Connect Your Database.
Why won’t my database connect to DSCVR?
You may need to whitelist the IP address to allow DSCVR to connect to your databases. Reach out to your IT department for help.
My table’s data doesn’t look correct in Uploader. How can I troubleshoot?
Double check your file specifications and column configurations in Uploader. Pay special attention to Input and Display Formats. The most frequent errors are around date, time, and date and time formats.
Can I upload tables in bulk?
DSCVR currently only supports single table uploads. Bulk uploads will be available soon.
Can I automatically refresh my data?
You can schedule daily refresh imports using the Import Manager in the Tool menu.
How can I trigger an immediate update for one of my imports?
You can trigger a one time immediate update using the Import Manager, under the Tools menu.

Open the Import Manager, browse for your import, and click Update Now.
What is segmentation?
Segmentation partitions a dataset with more than 8 million rows into smaller segments for quicker and more powerful computation. As the table is segmented into smaller subsets, operations can be processed in parallel for higher speed.
When should I segment my table?
We suggest segmenting your table if your table has more than 8 million rows and if you want to use the power of group functions (g_functions).
How do I know if my upload failed? What should I do?
You can monitor upload progress by going to the Upload Status dialog box accessible through the cloud and arrow icon at the top right of the DSCVR homepage.

If the modal shows an error, the upload partially failed. Contact Support for help.

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