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How can I append multiple tables together?

Modified on: Fri, Jul 12, 2019 at 11:38 AM

When appending tables in DSCVR, you may need to append together multiple tables at once. 
This may take the form of simply combining two tables, but may also extend to appending several separate tables in order to pull together all of the information that you need

Note: When appending tables, be sure that all tables have been uploaded into DSCVR. We suggest you begin with the largest table first, and begin appending smaller tables from there.

To Append multiple tables together...

  1. Open your initial table by selecting the table from My Objects or Worksheets, and click Run.
  2. Add your first operation by going to the Analyze tab and clicking Append.
  3. Select your next table to append, and click Choose.
  4. We suggest selecting Keep all rows in the Append configuration option. If you wish to understand the other options more, we suggest reading further through this article for more detailed information.
  5. Once you have chosen your configuration option, click Run to append this table.
  6. For each additional table you wish to append, repeat Steps 2-5 as many times are necessary. 

In the Append Configuration option...

  • When you select Keep all rows, DSCVR will add new rows from the appending table into the existing worksheets.
  • When you select Keep only rows that exist in both versions, DSCVR will remove any rows that do not appear in both of the tables.
  • When you select Drop all rows that exist in the foreign tableDSCVR will remove any rows in the initial table which are present in the appended table.

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